Losses to Individual New York Residents and Employees

— Loss of life – directly in tragedy
— Loss of life of members of military (in Iraq and Afghanistan)
— Direct real and personal property damage (some of which is borne by insurance companies)
— Increased hazard, health, disability and other insurance premiums (which also appear in the form of losses to insurance companies)
— Loss of employment income
— Loss of jobs
— Loss of privacy, individual rights (e.g., USA PATRIOT Act)
— Loss of property values
— Loss of future earnings
— Medical and other costs of mental distress (see “Psychic Losses” below)
— Losses due to exacerbation of existing psychological maladies
— Loss of use of limbs, mental and lung capacity, etc.
— Loss of health, generally/decreased life expectancy

Losses to Individual New York Businesses and Business Industries Located in New York Generally

— Permanent loss of individual businesses (businesses forced to close)
— Permanent adverse changes to insurance industry (much of which is located in WTC area and listed on stock exchanges in New York) and their risk underwriting
— Harm to image/brand of many New York businesses
— Harm to morale of owners, employees and customers
— Harm to tourism and theater business
— Permanent adverse effects of moving banking, real estate, insurance and securities businesses to locations outside New York (e.g., many will not return)
— Permanent loss of customers to existing and future businesses (in Ground Zero area, where business and business employee customers move from area)
— Business disruption/interruption
— Costs related to cut-off of utilities
— Costs of clean-up
— Employment costs unrelated to generation of business income
— Increased future insurance premiums
— Loss of equity value
— Damage to real estate
— Loss of leases (where buildings are destroyed and tenants forced to leave)

Losses to New York State, New York City, other New York Instrumentalities and Quasi-governmental Units, Entities and Funds

— Increased costs of employing and reimbursing first responders and other city and state employees (i.e., hourly pay and benefits)
— Lost training costs due to loss of life and disability of governmental employees
— Damage to personal property (fire engines, police cars, etc.)
— Damage to real property improvements (e.g., schools, transportation system)
— Battery Park City damages and costs
— Environmental damage
— Unreimbursed costs of clean-up of Ground Zero
— Loss of real property value (e.g., WTC ground lease)
— Costs related to pollution and toxic waste removal
— Increased mandatory expenditures for security and “homeland defense”
— Losses due to increased liability for health care expenses

NY City and State pension plans
Social Security Disability

— Losses due to increased transfer payments to families of victims (e.g., welfare, food stamps, etc.)
— Costs related to increased caseloads of state and local social service agencies
— Losses due to increased claims for workmen’s compensation, disability insurance and social security coverage for dependent minors
— Losses due to early retirements and disability claims by employees of governments
— Direct monetary damages – costs to repair, rescue, etc.
— Loss of individual and corporate income tax and sales revenues to New York State, New York City and other local principalities
— Increased costs of issuing bonds and negotiating contracts and insurance and indemnities
— Losses due to state or interstate agencies located in WTC buildings

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Federal Costs Borne by New Yorkers as Taxpayers
(Multiply total Federal costs by a factor of 6%, which is the percentage of national population residing in New York)

— Kean Commission funding
— Creation and reorganization related to Department of Homeland Security
— Airline bailout costs
— Increase in federal portion of transfer costs for victims of New York
— Increased EPA costs for dealing with environmental damage claims
— Increase in appropriations to FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security and other federal agencies due to 9/11
— Costs to SEC of conducting insider trading violations
— Losses due to federal agencies located in WTC buildings

Treasury Department

— Federal costs relating to event rescue, clean-up, etc.
— Activation of an unaccountable “Shadow Government” not provided for in U.S. Constitution.

Psychic Losses to Individuals and New York Society
These are the words of an anonymous New York resident, when asked to list losses in addition to those described above:

A. The ability to wake on a particularly beautiful morning and not think, “It was this beautiful in the morning of September 11th.” Thus putting a pall on all the many beautiful mornings since.

B. The sense in the city that if we hear a siren and it goes on for more than a minute we should be checking the street and see what disaster awaits.

C. A low flying plane is a signal to our senses of doom.

D. The ongoing terror scares in the media and the ever-present “orange alert.”

E. The act tore a psychic hole in the heart of a thriving metropolis. One that is not healed yet.

All very intangible but mental anguish nonetheless. The professional therapists here have continued to deal with the post traumatic stress to this day. The office neighbor of mine from Soho who had just moved to Battery Park and whose dog is now dying of a pulmonary disease from his exposure and who herself is denied by the government any medical aid for chronic pulmonary obstruction because she was not within a two block radius despite the fact that her last remembrance of the event (she woke two hours later in a hospital in New Jersey) is the falling of the towers and running for her life. It is the psychic/spiritual trauma that is so deep. Don’t know how to put that in.

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