March 2003 –


Submitted to and acknowledged by the National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, at the commencement of its public hearings in March 2003.

1) Why in the months before 9/11 did FBI headquarters consistently obstruct field agent investigations of potential terrorists? (*)

2) Why were many detailed warnings from the intelligence services of Britain, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Italy and other foreign governments ignored?(*)

3) Why do eyewitness accounts of the behavior and movements of lead hijacker Mohammed Atta conflict with the findings of the government investigation?(*)

4) Why in the days immediately before 9/11 were there massive spikes in the number of “puts” on the stocks of airline and insurance companies?(#)

5) Why were some prominent travelers warned not to fly on 9/11?(*)

6) Why did the head of Pakistani intelligence approve more than $100,000 in wire transfers to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta?(*)

7) Why in the 1 hour and 20 minutes after the onset of a multiple hijacking, with the Twin Towers hit, and a third jet hurtling to our nation’s capital, did no USAF or Air National Guard fighters defend the Pentagon? (#)

8) Why in the wake of the most cataclysmic intelligence failure in American history has not a single intelligence official been held accountable?(#)

9) Why did the Bush Administration for over a year stonewall victims’ family members demands for a full independent investigation?(*)

10) Why did Congress appropriate a paltry $3 million for this inquiry when at least 10 times that much was required for the comparatively trivial Whitewater investigation?(*)

* indicates consideration of the question was omitted from The 9/11 Commission Report.
# indicates 9/11 Commission report provided only incomplete or evasive answers.
(For rationale, see, Appendices A-1 to A-7 and B-1 to B-8 of this Complaint and Petition.)

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