Indicators of Foreknowledge


Other indicators of advance preparation for the 9/11 scenario and circulation of attack details in advance among circles beyond the purported Bin Ladin network.

For now we are working through the following material:

Prior Knowledge and Imagination – Notes
Who knew, what did they know, what did they do about it? How did so many governments and individuals develop information indicating hijackings and aerial attacks on New York and DC in September? According to a variety of reports, Jordan provided the correct name of the 9/11 operation (Big Wedding), Israel provided names of several of the alleged hijackers, and the Russian president says he warned suicide pilots were training for an attack in the U.S. How does this square with the official FBI account, in which a perfectly secretive, insulated terror cell of 19 men left as good as no clues before they struck? What were the original sources for the many advance warnings to the U.S. government? And how can anyone claim they couldn’t have even imagined the method of attack? 

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