Hijacker Oddities


Oddities and contradictions in reports about the alleged hijackers, suggesting that their identities, associations with other parties, and/or actual roles in the crime have not been conclusively resolved by official investigations.

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For now, we are vetting the following material: 

Says the 9/11 Commission Report: As many as 13 of the alleged hijackers’ passports “may have been” doctored “in a manner that has subsequently been associated with al Qaeda” (Ch. 12, fn 32, p. 563, italics ours.)
First report of magic passport: “ABCNEWS sources identify another hijacker as Satan Suqami (sic)… whose passport was recovered in the [Ground Zero] rubble” (Sep 12)
Stolen Passports? (Guardian, Sep 21, 2001)
Hijackers Likely Skilled with False ID (CNN, Sep 21)
False Identities? (Daily Telegraph, Sep 23)
Alive and Well? (BBC, Sep 23)
“Insider” official story of how hijackers were ID’ed
Newsweek: Hijackers may have trained at U.S. airbases (Sep 15)
Senator Seeks Answers on Hijacker Ties to Navy Base (Pensacola News Journal, Sep 17)
USAF spokesperson Ken McClellan: Hijackers trained at U.S. bases (Gannett, Sep 17)
The 9/11 Hijackers Who Should Have Been Caught by Paul Thompson 
Almidhar and Alhazmi hosted in San Diego by longstanding FBI informant Prof. Abdusattar Shaikh – Although this story has been public since 2002, the 9/11 Commission report still cites him as an “unidentified witness.”
The Two Ziad Jarrahs by Paul Thompson 
CIA tried in 1999 to recruit associate of 9/11 hijackers in Germany
Government worker Johnelle Bryant recalls meeting a suspicious Atta who more or less told her about the 9/11 plot, in Florida at a time – Apr 2000 – when the official timeline still has him in Germany (June 2002)
Xymphora’s analysis of the Johnelle Bryant story – was this an effort to create the legend for a patsy?
File on Khalid Sheikh Mohamed (KSM), the allegedly captured living mastermind of 9/11, said to be held in an “undisclosed location” and constantly cited by U.S. authorities as the leading source for the 9/11 investigations (June 2004)
Observation of Atta and Hamburg Cell in Germany by BND and CIA – and in Florida by the Mossad? (Translations of German press articles from Sep 2001, Oct 2002: Mossad apparently specified the names of four ringleaders of the alleged 9/11 hijackers in a warning listing 19 names of persons possibly planning a terrorist attack in the United States, which was given to the US government in late August 2001.)
The Original “Mad Cow” Articles by Daniel Hopsicker 
Tracking Mohamed Atta and his Florida drug connections, well worth reading in the original order (2001-2002). Interesting nuggets, some with independent confirmation: “Magic Dutch boy” Florida flight school owners Dekkers and Kruithof claimed not to know each other, but had prior business relationship in Netherlands. Three of the alleged 9/11 pilots trained at their schools. Jeb Bush personally present as federal agents impounded police records of flight schools after 9/11 attacks, according to local police. Real owner of Dekkers’s school, Wally Hilliard, owned Lear jet impounded with 43 lbs. of cocaine in 2000 (on a regular flight), indicating involvement in covert drug operations. Katharine Harris endorsed Hilliard’s bankrupt, pond-hopper airline. Dekkers and Kruithof survived separate suspicious air crashes within weeks of each other in 2002. Atta apparently a heavy-drinking, free-spending, aggressive party monster, according to Hopsicker’s research. Official timeline of Atta’s movements contradicted by eyewitness accounts. Possible military school connections.

(Forward to Obstruction of Investigations prior to 9/11.)