Letter to Spitzer

We publish for the record the cover letters for our submissions to the New York State Attorney General, and other correspondence of potential interest to the public.

Cover letter of Friday, November 19, 2004:

Contact: Kyle Hence, 9/11 CitizensWatch

To: The Office of the New York State Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271

cc: William Casey, Chief Investigator

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dear Mr. Spitzer:

Without fanfare, today we follow up on our first submission of October 28 and present the amended and restated Citizens’ Complaint and Petition, citing probable cause for an independent grand jury or another form of investigation into the crimes committed in connection with the September 11, 2001 tragedy. We respectfully request a hearing before your office on this matter.

Today we are submitting the following materials:

In the bound volume:

• The Complaint and Petition. The main text is in three parts.

• The Contents list all appendices and other materials we are submitting (including supplementary items such as books and films, and items that are linked online at www.Justicefor911.org).

• The Preamble and Part I present the Basis for Complaint, and refer to Appendices 1-8.

Part II is an executive summary of factual matters giving rise to suspicions of criminal acts that we are asking you to investigate, and refers to Appendices A1-A7.

Part III is our Petition to you.

• The nine Complainants and Signatories, among them New York residents, relatives of September 11 victims and first responders to the tragedy. We are also submitting biographical information on each. Additional complainants intend to add their signatures to this petition and we will be informing you accordingly.

Appendices 1 through 8 in support of Part I and Part II.

In Addition:

• This submission also includes the evidentiary Appendices A1, A2, A3, A5 and A7. We will be submitting Appendices A4 and A6 separately to your office Monday. [Postponed by a few days.]

• A publisher’s draft of The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions by David Ray Griffin (2004). This completes the set of books we are submitting with this Complaint, alongside the submission on Oct. 28 of The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson, Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert, and The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin, all published this year.

The Complaint and Petion and all of the above listed Appendices will be published online starting today at www.Justicefor911.org. That operation will be complete by Monday, November 22. The online version is identical to our submission, but includes hyperlinks to all sources referenced in the text (insofar as these are available online).

The A-series appendices present probable-cause cases for investigating particular subjects. The site at Justicefor911.org will also include the online-only Appendices B1 through B8. These consist of growing dossiers on other avenues of investigation relevant to this Complaint. We will periodically “spin off” new A-series appendices as our research continues, and keep you informed. We also expect to be delivering letters of support from a variety of other groups and authorities.

On the front page of www.Justicefor911.org you will also discover more than 3,450 confirmed e-signatures on the Petition of Solidarity in support of our Complaint.

Our Citizens’ Complaint and Petition is a living document, involving many experienced researchers who are working without the benefit of the full public record that, we submit to you, our government has largely suppressed. We are aware of the grave seriousness of this endeavor and of our assertions, and have done our best in good conscience to uphold all principles of scholarship and due diligence.

We will be informing all supporters regularly on the progress of this Complaint and Petition, and on any word from your office. We look forward to a productive dialogue, and are confident you will, when you have examined these materials, find probable cause for taking up a criminal case(s).


The Justice for 9/11 Steering Committee

consisting of…

911Truth.org (Executive Director: David Kubiak)

9/11 CitizensWatch (Co-Founder: Kyle Hence)

World Trade Center Environmental Organization (Chairperson: Jenna Orkin)

Complainants and Signatories in Support of the Petition

Online at www.Justicefor911.org

(Forward to Cover and Preamble)