Updates & Errata

This page will list changes made to this site after the online publication (completed on November 24, 2004) of the Citizens’ Complaint and Petition and the Appendices and other materials submitted to the New York State Attorney General in printed form on Friday, November 19, 2004.

Update of Wednesday, November 24

Dear Readers,

This site now features the Complaint and Petition and the 13 appendices as submitted to Eliot Spitzer’s office last Friday. A team of researchers advised by attorney Carolyn Betts and the complainant signatories put in an enormous three-month effort to prepare these documents. There are many people to acknowledge for their contributions, and we will be doing so in this space.

But in the meantime, the work is far from done.

We are building a coalition of support for the Complaint, encouraging amicus briefs from organizations, and receiving queries from other prospective complainants. We are also doing our best to process a flood of comments, suggestions, and evidentiary submissions from researchers, readers and potential witnesses. We ask for your patience!

The documents from the Complaint and Petition cover page through Appendix 8 now include hyperlinks to outside citations. (As of today we are still adding hyperlinks to the subsequent “A”-series appendices, but the complete texts of the five already submitted to Spitzer are online.)

In the days to come, we will submit the remaining two “A” appendices (A4 on “International Trading” and A6 on “Anthrax Attacks”) to the Attorney General, and publish these online.

Still in progress are the online-only “B” appendices. These currently contain dossiers of articles with potentially useful evidence, and will be used to generate additional “A” appendices over time. “Caveat lector.”

Finally, not all of the documents in the Downloads section are up, but the most important ones – the Word and PDF versions of this Complaint and Petition – are there. 

Thus, there are hundreds of pages of documents already online for your consideration. We encourage you to perform due diligence – and then, to take a stand on the most important question of our age. As of today, more than 4,000 confirmed names have electronically signed the online Petition of Solidarity. Let this be but the first step towards creating a powerful movement for justice.

The “Justice for 9/11” Steering Committee


Nov. 22nd:

In the process of publishing the submission to the New York AG online, we discovered and corrected certain errors in the Complaint and Petition text. These passages are marked in red in the online webpage version, and have been corrected in the PDF of the Complaint and Petition. (see “Downloads”).

Beyond typographical errors and changes for stylistic consistency (e.g., italicizing book titles), and the addition of relevant hyperlinks, we also carried out the following changes:

• For stylistic consistency, the online version now spells out certain acronyms on first occurrence in the text (e.g., FBI, CIA).

• In the Complaint and Petition: during typesetting, a sentence was mistakenly placed at the end of Part II, Section A(2). We have shifted it to its correct position, as a replacement for a previous version of the same sentence in Part II, Section A(1).

• There is no Note 27 (as mistakenly marked in the main text). The last note is 26.

• Appendix A1, Item 5: The NORAD timeline was released 9/18/01, not 9/17/01.

We are aware of the need to uphold meticulous standards in this regard, and will therefore inform Eliot Spitzer’s office of such changes whenever they involve any of the printed material we submit.

Updates to the online-only appendices (B1-B9), which will expand over time, will be noted in this space.

The “Justice for 9/11” Steering Committee